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Maurice Moss

Head of the IT Department

  • Currently at Reynholm Industries
    Previously Barman at New Wimbledon Theatre

  • Living in United Kingdom
  • Interested in Remote

Penelope Hofstadter

Pharmaceutical Sales represent

  • Currently at ZanGen
    Previously Waitress at Cheesecake Factory, Actress

  • Living in US, Pasadena
  • Interested in Remote

Dwight Schrute

Assistant to the regional manager

  • Currently at Dunder Mifflin
    Previously Salesman, Beet Farmer

  • Living in US, Scranton
  • Interested in Remote

Rosa Diaz

Private Investigator Detective

  • Currently at 99th Precinct NYPD

  • Living in US, New York
  • Interested in Remote

Ben Chang

Campus Security Guard

  • Currently at Greendale Community College
    Previously Spanish teacher

  • Living in US, Greendale
  • Interested in Remote

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